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Smart AirTag Wallet Bundle
M.A.B. (Walnut, US)
Very nice!

I love the wallet except for where you carry cash. It’s too small unfortunately…

No AIRTAG just a Wallet with a whole

Very disappointed!!!!

Minimal Series: AirTag Smart Wallet
Chad Hatfield (Panama City, US)

Wonderful wallet for a fraction of the price of other comparable products!!!

Smart AirTag Wallet Bundle
Z.M. (Indianapolis, US)
Great wallet

I got one of these and love it. You won’t regret anything his purchase especially if you lose your wallet.

Great wallet

This is the best wallet I’ve owned to date and I constantly get compliments about it. A lot of great features I like in both a traditional bi fold wallet and card case. 10/10

Minimal Series: AirTag Smart Wallet
John Whitley (Fairburn, US)

Still haven’t gotten wallet

Smart AirTag Wallet Bundle
V.L. (Queens, US)

I love it!

Smart AirTag Wallet Bundle
J.J. (Basildon, GB)
Air Tag Smart Wallet Bundle

This is a much better product than what I had previously. Especially the fold out section for notes, receipts and a couple of cards/ID. Slot for the AirTag a little snug but ok. Only downside is that I had to wait so long for it to arrive in the UK. Overall though am very pleased and would recommend but be aware of long lead times for overseas delivery.

iPhone Leather Card Holder Case
J.J. (Basildon, GB)
Leather iPhone case

Previously I had the Apple clear iPhone case, which was fine however I found it a little too slippery. This is perfect. In leather so no slipping around in your hand, pocket or on surfaces plus a couple of slots for some bank notes and depending on what I am doing just being able to pop one credit card in the other slot (although to be fair I have them in my Apple wallet anyway) but still nice to have the option to carry just in case. All in all very happy indeed with this. Only downside was the delay in delivery from the US to the UK. In this day and age you would have thought it would be quicker now. Def recommended.

Much thicker than expected. Build seems good but not what I was looking for. Shipping on time.

Cool add on

This is a great add on to your Air Pods. I ordered as a match for my wallet, watch trim, and now have this case. I suppose it offers some protection from a fall or a tough life…

Minimal Series: AirTag Smart Wallet
Dan Ducharme (Saco, US)
Thin and convenient

I now have two Tag Mate wallets. I purchased this one for the thinness. The only point that is a small issue is the lack of a money clip or pouch. Although that what helps keep it thin. I am not excited how the cards all come out when trying to pick one. My other Tag mate with the side clip I like better however it is thicker and more bulky. I recommend this to anyone who uses a money clip separately.

Minimal Series: AirTag Smart Wallet
Lucas Stanley (Dallas, US)
Solid wallet

This is my first minimal wallet. I've had it for about a month now and so far I love it. The only issue I have with these wallets is its sometimes tough to get the right card out without taking all of the cards out. But I believe this is the case with all minimal wallets, just something to think about before purchasing.

Overall though, I love this wallet and I plan on using it for years to come. Construction is very solid, air tag fits perfect, and the money clip works great too. It also keeps me from carrying too many useless things.

Great product

Love this wallet , convenient, room for just the right amount of cards, etc. Will recommend to all our friends!

Great wallet!

Like it a lot, pops out the cards reliably, bills need to be folded neatly to fit inside the wallet. Plenty of extra space inside for more cards. Magnet is strong enough to hold it closed and the airtag sits tight n snug - thumbs way up!

Smart AirTag Wallet Bundle
Baldemar Gomez (Phoenix, US)

Yo la pedí por tic tok y no me llego completa y aparte hai era un precio de $30 dls y salió casi 50 dls llego incompleta me en llavero de iPhone la manzanita yo no pedí esa cartera que me llego y si quiero mi dinero por que engañan ala gente eso no se vale

Smart AirTag Wallet Bundle
B.G. (Phoenix, US)

No me gusto por que no viene todo lo que dicen

Smart AirTag Wallet Bundle
B. (Brisbane, AU)
Love it!

I actually love this wallet, best size , compact , nice style. Tag and wallet came separately but all good! Nice to have options than the boring traditional wallet styles

Minimal Series: AirTag Smart Wallet
Mary Bird (Camillus, US)
Did not like.

Did not like. The material was too hard not at all bendable and it didn’t seem like it would hold anything. I thought it would be something different. Would not work for us

Smart AirTag Wallet Bundle
G.S. (Monroe, US)
AirTag wallet

I love my wallet so much so if it was a woman I would marry it.

Love it 😍

Good quality and shipping was very fast.. Thank you ur my go to place for future wallet purchases

Minimal Series: AirTag Smart Wallet
Faustino Pena (Weslaco, US)
Great EDC wallet

I bought this wallet when it was offered to VIP customers and let me tell you that I absolutely love it. It carries just what I need. Very slim design for Every Day Carry. I highly recommend this wallet.

The Slide: AirTag Smart Wallet
S.D. (Newcastle, CA)
Very very good

Very good and i am very happy

The Slide: AirTag Smart Wallet
D.M. (Brisbane, AU)
Great products

Purchased the wallet which is awesome. Compact and holds plenty. Also purchase carbon fibre key organiser.
Very good, but needed better spacers. Ended up using some rubber washers that I had lying around house.. Overall very happy with my purchase

The Slide: AirTag Smart Wallet
M.A. (Cincinnati, US)
Wallet review

Love the wallet. Well made. Easy to use. Holds cash! I really like it.