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The Slide: Smart Wallet
Norberto (Barrie, CA)
Not good 👎

Have Two wallets and the sinbel off the Apple never came with the Wallets

Hello -
We apologize for the confusion, but each of our product listing pages and product descriptions state that the AirTags are not included / are sold separately. They can be purchased direct from Apple or from other large retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, etc as noted in our FAQ's.
While we very much want to earn and keep your business - If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we do offer free returns within 30 days of delivery of our product to you. Please just reach out to our customer service group at with your order # and issue description and we will get you taken care of promptly.

Tags Mate Team

The Conceal: Slide Wallet
S. (Georgetown, US)
Love it

Absolutely love my new wallet. It is so convenient and stylish. I get tons of compliments. Keep up the great work.

AirTag Sticker Mount Case
L. (Farmington, US)
Cool product

I was skeptical about this technology working, but my wife got me a few AirTags to utilize because I am know to misplace things often. I decided to give this a shot and I used the sticker case to house the AirTags on a few of my toolkits that I often leave behind when jumping from jobsite to jobsite in construction. The first day using that case and tracker, I needed it because I left some things behind when I left site. What took me hours or days before to track down, I literally located in a matter of seconds and had back with me in minutes. I'm now a believer.

AirTag Leather Luggage Tag
M. (Farmington, US)
Awesome Luggage Case Tag that WORKS!!

I bought this luggage tag to go with the AirTag that I purchased from Apple for an international trip because I am always concerned about my luggage getting lost or not transferred to my plane when I have layovers at multiple airports when traveling from point A to point B. Sure enough I got to Germany and no bag came out. I jumped on my iPhone and checked the location of my bag and it was still in Paris. While I didn't have my luggage with me< I was quickly able to see where it was and track it until it arrived in my destination city the next day.

I am lobbying this product to my company to get for all of the avid travelers that need to keep track of their gear. I also purchased the AirTag compatible passport holder as well for my travels.

Thanks Tags Mate!!

The Minimal: Smart Wallet
M. (Farmington, US)
Better than Ridge!!

This wallet is amazing, better than my old Ridge wallet at about 1/2 the cost. Really appreciate you all selling a quality wallet at a good price. The mark ups on Ridge and Ekster are ridiculous.
Also love that it came with a high quality screwdriver and extra screws to support longevity and/or lost parts. I tend to lose things often, which is why I bought this smart wallet ;o)
Highly recommend Tags Mate brand products!

AirTag Sticker Mount Case
M. (Farmington, US)
Life saver for remotes!!

Our remotes kept getting misplaced, lost in the couch, etc. Added one of these sticker mount cases and an AirTag and we can ALWAYS find the remotes now! We even bought a few more sticker cases for other items around our home we have trouble keeping track of. Great product.


This is my second wallet. It is really nice having the air tag and the way the cards pop out is very convenient. It will get people noticing the wallet.

Awesome color!

I was hesitant about choosing brown, but it is awesome, especially when the light hits it. Super functional and slim wallet at a great price. So glad I saw the ad for this and jumped on buying one. It’s seriously is 🔥🔥. Would definitely recommend!!

Perfect for Ladies Too!!

Hi! My boyfriend got this wallet with the AirTag holder cash strap as a discounted bundle and he loved it! He mentioned that Tags Mate also hade some colors for the ladies as well so I had to try it out! I absolutely love it. It’s perfectly slim and fits in my small purse or even my front pocket. I switch back and forth between the upgraded AirTag cash strap and the regular one with ease depending on what I’m doing or where I’m going.

The Conceal: Slide Wallet
Reggie Lassiter (Farmington, US)
10/10 from me

I just received the slide wallet. All I can say is wow what a deal and steal. No more bulky wallets for me. Slim profile, cash strap is nice and tight. Plus, that carbon fiber blue is fire and my favorite color. Good investment for me on the weight of the wallet that I can never lose it. Thanks again TagsMate for a awesome product.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
D.B. (Miami, US)
money clip is cheesy!

the overall concept of the wallet is awesome but the vinyl money clip is piece of plastic that appears that it will last a short period of time. this needs to be rethought

The Conceal: Slide Wallet
N.K. (Los Angeles, US)
Best functioning wallet I’ve ever owned

So happy with my purchase! I usually don’t buy things from ads but this one got me. Arrived in about 4 days after I ordered. Card pop up works great. I can easily access my cards without fumbling through my wallet. Sleek high quality design! 10/10 recommend

AirTag Sticker Mount Case
L. (New Madrid, US)
Great product and price!

This product is as advertised and is really nice quality at a great price. Would highly recommend!

Perfect travel accessory

Keeps my passport, cards / ID’s and cash organized while I’m on the road. No more digging through multiple pockets in my bag trying to find the right item I’m looking for.
Well made and houses the AirTag perfectly. Every avid traveler should have one of these.

Must have for travel

Awesome product that carries my passport, cards, ID and cash in a slim and sleek design. The AirTag I purchased separately for great.
I’ve recommended to family and friends.

The Conceal: Slide Wallet
Megan (Caruthersville, US)
My husband LOVES his new wallet

My husband is very particular about his wallet and keeping things organized. I saw this new release and just had to get it for him to try out, as he is a minimalist at heart. From the moment he opened it, he loved everything about it and told all his friends and family about it. He even wanted to leave a review with a few pics and a vid he took and he never does that!
His favorite features are the quick card access button and the ultra slim profile so he can keep it in his front pocket and not have to sit on his wallet all day.

The Conceal: Slide Wallet
L. (Caruthersville, US)
The Conceal Slide Wallet is next level

This wallet is off the hook! It is exactly as advertised and I love the carbon fiber look / feel.
In addition to keeping my 5 cards in the quick access ejection chamber, I cant believe how much storage
there is with the cash strap and back plate for additional cards / ID's.
Fits in my front pocket perfectly and I hardly notice its there. Strongly considering upgrading to the AirTag
cash strap as well so I can keep track of it.
Definitely recommend!!!

AirTag Carbon Fiber Case
Aaron Lynn (Plymouth, GB)
Apparently CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic)

You told me this is actually carbon fibre reinforced plastic….yet no mention of this is in the description of this item…🤷 you say it’s scratch resistant, yet I damaged the CFRP trying to attach the ring…this is moulded in a way to ‘look’ like carbon fibre, send me the proof to show otherwise please?

Hello Again Aaron -
We will happily refund your money since this product did not meet your expectations if you reach out to our support team with your order # and request.
The unit is scratch resistant, not scratch proof. If there is enough pressure put on the unit, it will eventually scratch.
We stand by our product and advertisement ... the material of construction is listed there. Not certain of your background in manufacturing, but this product is not feasible to produce with actual carbon fiber weave.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
R DURKIN (Tewksbury, US)
I bought the Slide about a year ago -

Best wallet I ever owned - and honestly a better mousetrap - a great wallet for a cashless society. Love it.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Kevin Richardson (Troy, US)
Great product

Absolutly love this wallet! Easy to get to my cards, perfect size without giving me back issues. Highly recommend!

AirTag Carbon Fiber Case
Allen (Moultrie, US)
Good item!

It's okay didn't like the material and riped after a short period of time. I don't recommend this item.

Hi Allen -
Very sorry to hear you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of the AirTag holder. Quality and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. Please reach out to our customer service group at with your order # and issue description & we will get you a replacement sent out.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Allen (Moultrie, US)
Fantastic product

This is a great wallet and I absolutely loved it. Yes talking in past tense because I forgot it home ok ne evening when we went into town and got home the dogs had demolished it to nothing but the plastic pop up card part. SMH No leather was left and I wanted to beat them half to death but I didn't. I would recommend you buy one.

Oh No!

Our furry friends will do that to us from time to time, won't they?!?! ;o)

Please reach out to our customer service group at with your order # and issue description & we will get you a replacement sent out. This is a bit of an atypical situation with warranty coverage, BUT we will take care of you.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Jayden Martinez (Lubbock, US)
The slide smart wallet

Absolutely love my new side smart wallet! I have enough space for all my cards and really enjoy the cash pocket in the wallet. It has great quality and the size of the wallet is what I’ve been looking for. I put my wallet in my front pocket and it’s great! Not too big or too bulky. Highly recommend!

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Jose Abundiz (Buckeye, US)
I love it! 👍🏼

Love the material love the way it looks especially with the AirTag with the wallet

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Jim D (West Babylon, US)
Not enough space

It’s very nice looking but it’s not big enough for all I have To put in like ID and health cards and cash