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Smart AirTag Wallet Bundle
Y.S. (Seattle, US)

they. show us. first. its. come. with. apple. air tag. later. only. wallet come. now
very bad experience 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

The Slide: Smart Wallet
L.V. (Lutherville-Timonium, US)

Am happy with my purchase of this Smart Wallet

The Slide: Smart Wallet
m.m. (Wildwood, US)
Smart wallet

So far after 2 weeks works great.just wish. Money holder could be made better .maybe stretchband

The Slide: Smart Wallet
D.G. (Apache Junction, US)

it is junk I hate it

The Slim: AirTag Smart Wallet (Albuquerque, US)
Product Quality

Compact, lightweight, and great quality.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
B.D.J. (Little Falls, US)

Love the Airtag Smart Wallet!!! Perfect Size!!! I'll definitely get another one in a few weeks for back-up. But I love the wallet

The Minimal: Smart Wallet
Cesar Rosiles (Montclair, US)
Too thick should be thinner in order to fit more cards

Too bad this wasn’t any thinner it would fit more cards plus it scratches my cards when I insert my cards

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Willie Owens (Phoenix, US)
Nice wallet

I like the card slide feature, air tag holder and cash holder. Keeps me more organized.

Not great

Key ring constantly comes unclasped and keys fall off.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
T.B. (Union City, US)
Air Tag

Great wallet , I like how compact it is . The credit cards briny expand as much as it is advertised? Not sure if I got a defective one out it’s still manageable.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
R.K. (Kewaunee, US)
Love this

Best wallet I ever had love the card holder hit the switch whatever card I need pops up easy to choose also love it very convenient

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Roberto Diaz (College Station, US)
Pretty dope

Not only convenient to pull my card out but also got complimented on how my wallet looked. I was a bit skeptical of the actual convenience of this, but after using it for a couple weeks, I gotta say it was a smart buy.

The Minimal: Smart Wallet
David Jenkins (New York, US)
Not what I was expecting but very well made

It’s a very nice compact wallet and it’s extremely well made the only problem I have is that it’s difficult to get the cards out if the card you want to use isn’t on the top .

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Anonymous (Ontario, US)
Convenient to use

I like the pop up card holder and how my wallet now fits in my front pocket. I just need the air tag to complete my wallet.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Alexander Getzlaf (Sherwood Park, CA)
Best wallet ever hands down

The product is very well put together and is able to utilize every man’s needs 100% the magnet it super strong amd won’t just open over all amazing product so far .
love it

The Slide: Smart Wallet
S.P. (San Bernardino, US)

For my use this wallet was to small, no real room for bills and not enough room for cards. Air tag is awesome for locating the wallet or whatever you use airtag for. The quality of this product is great although really just a toy. I found another airtag wallet but i paid up for it to.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
D.M. (Gilbertsville, US)
Best wallet ever

I replaced my bulky wallet with this one. I was afraid the apple tag would be too thick, but overall, this is still thinner than my old wallet. I underestimated how much I love the credit card trigger. I pay for everything with a debit card. Easy access!! It’s great!

The Slide: Smart Wallet
G.M. (Wahiawa, US)

I love it I don’t even wanna get it dirty😂 the look is nicely done and the material feels legit

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Hayden G (Calgary, CA)
Great versatile wallet

I’m so please with my tags mate wallet. I’ve had it for almost 3 months now and no complaints. Best wallet I’ve ever owned.


The best wallet I’ve ever owned so far

The Minimal: Smart Wallet
Randy Zaragoza (Chico, US)
Better than the competitor wallet

Hands down the best wallet I’ve ever owned.

Black Friday Bundle
John Mckean (Milford, US)
Great wallet getting one for my dad also

Awesome wallet helps get rid of those unneeded cards you been caring around for years also this is the future of wallets

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Anthony U (Fredericksburg, US)
Great wallet, great customer service!

This is an overall great wallet. I would say it's the middle men of wallets in terms of the size of it which I much prefer. Popping the cards out literally takes seconds rather than your traditional wallet where it is a lot more bulkier and more of a hassle . I've had the wallet for a few months but unfortunately the mechanism that pops the cards out snapped off (my own doing). I reached out to the support team and thanks to Michael, who was very responsive and an overall great customer service member, was able to send me a replacement and delivered all within a week. Thank you Tags Mate.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
John Limburg (Eagle Mountain, US)
Exactly the type of wallet I have been looking for!

This wallet has it all! Quality, Slim yet surprisingly holds a lot. Quick click for cards is the best! Will be purchasing more!

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Joseph Young (Kokomo, US)

I love it. It’s not bulky holds everything you need.