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Pretty handy and don’t have a big wallet to carry and just the needed cards and the Apple tag holder is handy !

Works great. Mechanism for the card to shoot out works but not exactly as advertised.

Check out the instruction manual sent with the wallet for tips to ensure that card ejection (pop out) mechanism is operating properly and as shown in the advertisements.

It’s amazing especially when you hate carrying around a wallet, and you don’t wanna lose your cash…

Order not came thank you

Hello -
We apologize for the issue you are having. In checking our system, this order was placed on October 4th, 2023 .... and was delivered on October 10th, 2023 via DHL to your mailbox at the address provided. Please reach out to our customer support team and we will help get things made right for you.
Tags Mate Team

Once you purchase the AirTags, wonderful item, but not without the AirTags, useless

Does not look like the picture. The wallet is much larger in person and is hard to fit in your pocket.

Hello -
We apologize you are not satisfied with your purchase. We offer free returns if you reach out to our customer service group with the order # and issue description.

Please be assured that the wallet you received is the same size (and the exact same item) as shown in the product listing pictures.

If the size of the slim wallet doesn’t work for you, we do have other products that have a smaller footprint.

Tags Mate Team

Great, once you purchase the AirTags, should try to include those, I believe they’d sell better, js…

Hey Jessie - thank you for the feedback and suggestion! With that said, and while we would love to & absolutely agree with you, wallet companies are not permitted to sell the Apple AirTags. Only approved larger retailers such as Apple, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc sell the actual AirTag.

Pretty good wallet. FYI if you drop the wallet the steel part will have scratches

The Conceal: Slide Wallet
Scott Hacken (Waldport, US)
Nice wallet

Overall, the Tags Mate blue carbon fiber is a very nice wallet. It’s a bit heavier then I was expecting, but not too heavy. The card release trigger is a bit stiff, but hoping it will loosen a bit with time. It holds 5 cards pretty comfortably. Very happy with the purchase overall.

Absolutely love these air tags

Like em

My son loves this card wallet

The Minimal: Smart Wallet
S. (Farmington, US)
Bought one for my son as well

I loved my new minimalist (and rigid) wallet so much that I got one for my son. I went with black aluminum but go him the carbon fiber version. Both are very mice looking, hold everything needed like cards / Id's and cash ... and it fits easily in the front pocket. I can hardly even notice it is there. My son is stoked to start using his as well.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
M. (Farmington, US)
Grreat Wallet

Bottom line - this wallet performs as advertised and is as good as they say it is. I knew I would have to purchase the AirTag separately as it clearly states on their website in multiple locations. Anyone thinking they are getting a quality wallet plus an AirTag for the price Tags Mate is selling their products at, obviously hadn't done their homework on things.
Overall very satisfied after using this wallet for almost a year now.

The Slide: Smart Wallet
S. (Farmington, US)
Love My Smart Wallet

One of my friends had the carbon fiber slide wallet from Tags Mate and it really impressed me. I ended up trying the Navy leather one and absolutely love it. The trigger for quick card access is great and functions flawlessly. There is plenty of room for cards / ID's and some cash. I can easily fit this wallet in my front or back pocket which is another huge plus. The AirTag fits snuggly and I track my wallet at least a few times a week when I cant remember where I left it ... like in my truck, on the side table, etc.

The Conceal: Slide Wallet
S. (Farmington, US)
Game Changer!

I was your typical bi--fold wallet carrying kinda guy, but have been looking for a front pocket wallet as I have lower back problems. After researching many different options, I went with Tags Mate Conceal Wallet because of the good reviews, look / feel and price point. This thing is amazing and really got me to ditch a lot of junk from my old wallet, yet still keep everything I need on a daily basis, and then some.
If you're thinking about making a switch, DO IT!

The Conceal: Slide Wallet
John (Seattle, US)
Incredible wallet!

I'm not much for leaving reviews, but this wallet deserves it. It is amazing! Light, slim, and stylish. You won't be disappointed!

AirTag Compatible Cash Strap
M. (Farmington, US)
Great Quality and Allows Flexibility!

This AirTag cash strap works perfectly with the Conceal wallet, as advertised. I love that I have the option to utilize my new EDC both with and without an AirTag depending on what I am doing and where I am going.
The quality is also great compared to similar cloth straps I have seen from other suppliers.
Highly recommend this upgrade!

The Slide: Smart Wallet
Norberto (Barrie, CA)
Not good 👎

Have Two wallets and the sinbel off the Apple never came with the Wallets

Hello -
We apologize for the confusion, but each of our product listing pages and product descriptions state that the AirTags are not included / are sold separately. They can be purchased direct from Apple or from other large retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, etc as noted in our FAQ's.
While we very much want to earn and keep your business - If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we do offer free returns within 30 days of delivery of our product to you. Please just reach out to our customer service group at with your order # and issue description and we will get you taken care of promptly.

Tags Mate Team

The Conceal: Slide Wallet
S. (Georgetown, US)
Love it

Absolutely love my new wallet. It is so convenient and stylish. I get tons of compliments. Keep up the great work.

Sticker Mount Case for AirTag
S. (Farmington, US)
Cool product

I was skeptical about this technology working, but my wife got me a few AirTags to utilize because I am know to misplace things often. I decided to give this a shot and I used the sticker case to house the AirTags on a few of my toolkits that I often leave behind when jumping from jobsite to jobsite in construction. The first day using that case and tracker, I needed it because I left some things behind when I left site. What took me hours or days before to track down, I literally located in a matter of seconds and had back with me in minutes. I'm now a believer.

Leather Luggage Tag AirTag Case
M. (Farmington, US)
Awesome Luggage Case Tag that WORKS!!

I bought this luggage tag to go with the AirTag that I purchased from Apple for an international trip because I am always concerned about my luggage getting lost or not transferred to my plane when I have layovers at multiple airports when traveling from point A to point B. Sure enough I got to Germany and no bag came out. I jumped on my iPhone and checked the location of my bag and it was still in Paris. While I didn't have my luggage with me< I was quickly able to see where it was and track it until it arrived in my destination city the next day.

I am lobbying this product to my company to get for all of the avid travelers that need to keep track of their gear. I also purchased the AirTag compatible passport holder as well for my travels.

Thanks Tags Mate!!